Sleep well

Make sure to get your shut eye. Herbal teas at night can help to flush away toxins and aid relaxation.

Beauty from within

What you eat has a big impact on your skin health. Switch to an organic plant-based diet – it can improve your digestion, up your energy levels and ultimately boost your skin. Feed your microbiome (good bacteria in your gut) as this will heal any inflammation within your body, as well as keeping your skin looking younger and healthier.  Fermented foods and probiotics are great for this.

Exercise for skin health

Walking in nature will promote a sense of wellness and improve your gut health, keeping your cells young.

The eyes have it

One of the first places to show ageing is around the eyes where the skin is thinnest and more sensitive. Avoid cleansing wipes, as these can cause dryness and irritation. Try a natural carrier oil instead, such as coconut, olive or almond oil. This will melt away any heavy eye make-up, without dragging the skin. The oil leaves your eye and eyelashes moisturised, too. Always rinse the oil from the eyes until no residue is left on the eye area and then use an eye cream, not a face cream. Face creams are too heavy for the eye area.

If eyes are puffy, rinse the face in lukewarm water and then soak a cotton wool disc in cold water containing slices of cucumber. Apply the cotton disc to the eye area for two minutes and then apply thinly sliced potatoes to each eye. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase, which contains skin-lightening properties that help reduce under-eye circles. This then can be followed by a light oil (coconut oil) to perform a lymphatic eye massage to drain away any fluid and lift the eyebrow area.

Gently massage with your index finger with small circular movements and then around the eye in a figure of eight, followed by a draining technique towards either side of the nostrils. Pump twice and then continue massaging with index fingers down towards the earlobes and pump twice again (like a slow tapping release movement). This aids detoxification and drainage. Then, with your index finger cushioned under the brow, lift and hold whilst blinking many times. This will strengthen the eye muscle area to give an instant eye lift effect.

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