Whether your skin is showing some signs of stress or you’ve got a little more time to spend on your skincare routine thanks to the current situation, a targeted treatment is the answer.

Since the government has ordered the closure of many non-essential businesses including beauty salons, booking in for a regular facial isn’t an option. But with the help of some of London’s best beauty specialists, you can DIY a professional skin treatment in the comfort of your bathroom.

If you’re looking to treat oily skin, dullness or need a moisture boost, here are the best at-home facials to try now.

Lisa Harris, skin expert and facialist.

“Cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine,” says Lisa. “By cleansing the skin thoroughly you will prep your skin for the rest of your facial. This will help serums penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing the active ingredients to perform at their best.”

Step 1: “To remove eye makeup (including waterproof mascara) use a damp cotton wool pad, and apply a a 5p-size amount of almond oil, or an oil of your choice. Gently wipe over the eye making sure there is no oil left on the skin.”

Step 2: “Apply a gel or enzyme cleanser to damp cotton wool or your hands and gently remove daily grime and makeup. Repeat until all makeup is removed. For a deep cleanse or exfoliation, you can leave the enzyme cleanser on the skin for up to five minutes before removing. Stay clear of exfoliators which contain plastic microbeads and apricot granules, as they scratch and can damage the top layers of the epidermis.”

Step 3: “Follow this by feeding your skin with concentrates and serums containing active ingredients, such as vitamin C. I like the Skeyndor Power C+ Concentrates, which are amazing for brightening the skin and inhibiting pigmentation. Serums are also amazing to boost the hydrating results of your moisturiser. Try Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Moisturising Booster.”

Step 4: “Facial massage will help provide oxygen to the skin cells, improving lymphatic drainage. It also helps to support muscle tone. In turn, this will energise, lift and reduce puffiness or swelling. You can massage the skin using upward and lifting massage movements. Tapotement (tapping movements) also stimulate and energise your skin, leaving you with a perfect spa glow.”

Step 5: “Use face masks to give your skin some extra attention. They are a great way to boost the skin after late nights, when you’re feeling under the weather, or to give your skin a general pick-me-up. Follow with something light like an eye gel such as Timeless Prodigy The Eye Contour to brighten and hydrate the under-eye to avoid puffiness.”

Step 6: “Complete your at-home facial with your favourite moisturiser to hydrate, plump and protect the top layers of the skin and then your SPF. We use Sun Expertise SPF50+ Blue Light Tech in clinic. It protects against UVA, UVC and HEVis (blue light) which emits from lightbulbs, mobile phones and computers.”

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