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A new treatment promises to target three common problems and tone you up for summer. But what on earth is it?

Slimdrone… visions of mini cameras honing in on my wiggly bits sprang to mind as I pitched up at Lisa Harris’s clinic in Weybridge. One of only three salons in the UK offering the treatment, Slimdrone by Skeyndor, with its rather mysterious name, promises to improve muscle tone, streamline and improve skin texture.

Using what is described as ‘pharmaceutical drone encapsulation’, a ‘navigation’ system targets fat cells, taking active ingredients in a product to where they are needed. This is teamed up with LED therapy and micro currents. So far, so sci-fi…

But Lisa was soon to reassure me and explain the science behind it.

I’ve met the celebrity beauty expert before, and if anyone is a brilliant advert for her craft it is Lisa, who looks super-toned, radiant, and at least 10 years younger than her actual age. She’s all about rebuilding what we have rather than treatments such as Botox, and I have tried her trademark and impressive signature 4D facial previously.

So, Slimdrone… when you break down the explanation, it makes more sense. There are three stages. Phototherapy (lights) improves skin tone, thermostimulation (heat) works on orange peel skin, and electrostimulation targets the muscles to reduce volume.

And you will most likely need around six sessions to see results.

She whisked me through a host of photos of case studies of her clients who have had several sessions of the treatment. They are impressive with abs reappearing, orange peel skin dramatically improved and butts lifted.

I’ve tried a version of electrostimulation before with the use-at-home Slendertone devices – and seen good results with the cycling shorts version for the thighs. The sensation is not dissimilar, with your muscles contracting rapidly as micro currents are applied to the skin.

In the treatment room, and wearing nothing but those oh-so-hideous salon paper pants, the clinic’s lovely therapist Eleanor, took images so that I could do my own before and after comparison. Then you’re strapped up. I was going for the lot – you can have one area done or several, and I had opted for arms, stomach, and derriere.

Giant pads are applied to each area, along with the Slimdrone solution of active ingredients, then the therapist slowly adjusts the level of stimulation – obviously the more you can tolerate, the better, but it is not supposed to be extremely painful. And it wasn’t. My tolerance is pretty good (hey, I’ve done childbirth) but even so, it doesn’t really hurt. Indeed, the first, and more gentle, stage of the three, was actually quite relaxing and more like a warm hug. But it is slightly disconcerting as your muscles suddenly twitch then relax as you ramp it up with stage three.

The whole process is pretty time efficient, as you can have several areas treated within 45 minutes to an hour-long session.

Released from the pads, we then took photos of the ‘after’. Keep in mind that you are supposed to have several treatments for the full effect… but even so, there was some noticeable difference in my arms – and that is saying something, with these bingo wings.

So, given that summer holidays are here, and Slimdrone can help get you into shape with two sessions a week for three weeks, if you need a little body confidence, this is a speedy solution.

From £280-£300 per treatment.

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