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Lisa Harris, who has over 25 years in the world of beauty & medical aesthetic industry, is renowned for her expertise in delivering outstanding results, using advanced bespoke technologies to deliver outstanding skin health for the face and body without the use of Botox, Fillers or Surgery.

Lisa has recently launched her new Slim Drone treatment she is now offering at their Weybridge clinic and is one out of only 3 clinics in the UK to offer Slim Drone LED-THES. She explains the Slim Drone is far superior to Lipofirm PRO and 3D Lipo, treatments which Lisa has previously used in her clinic. This outstanding body treatment that has sold out in Europe, delivers instant and long lasting results within just 3 weeks. It has become the first body treatment to win “The Winner of Innovative Technology Award” as it uses Pharmaceutical Drone Encapsulation with a navigation system to target fat cells, and allows product to directly enter the fat cells which no other company has yet been able to do.

Having tried the Lipofirm PRO, I’m keen to try this new ‘Wonder’ treatment to see if it lives up to the hype!

Arriving at the clinic with my post- Christmas bloated belly I change into more suitable attire and the Therapist applies the Slim Drone Solution to my stomach and upper arms. Straps are placed over the product and the treatment begins.

It begins with a comforting warming sensation which the Therapist explains is the LED & Near Infared, working to stimulate collagen production, detoxify my body and deliver the drone technology to the cells. As the treatment goes on micro currents (also known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation) are introduced, beginning low and increasing to a level you are comfortable with. The machine uses 8 different currents to target the fat cells, tone my muscles and improve my circulation.

It is recommended you have a course of treatments for best results and the best thing about it is; you can have 2-3 sessions per week – meaning Lisa Harris Skin Science can transform your body in just 3 weeks!

I’m really impressed with the Slim Drone; it lives up to the hype and more! After my treatment I instantly felt lighter, my skin felt firm and definitely smoother. It was as if the elasticity had been put back in my skin! I’m looking forward to continuing the course for some amazing results.

Newspaper front page describing Slim Drone LED Body Treatment

So, what is Slim Drone – LED T.H.E.S.?

After selling out in Europe we’re lucky enough to introduce the latest technology in results driven body treatments. Becoming the first body treatment to win the Winner of Innovative Technology Award. The treatment uses Pharmaceutical Drone Encapsulation with a navigation system to target fat cells & allow product to directly enter the fat cells which no other treatment has yet been able to do. It uses a combination of Electrostimulation, LED & Thermal Stimulation helping to deliver the Drone Peptides.

How does the Slim Drone – LED T.H.E.S. treatment work?

Graphic showing the different layers of the skin

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