Skin Smoothing Cool Laser Treatment

The best medical aesthetic laser on the market, to improve all skin concerns.


Approx. 30-45 Minutes



What is the Skin Smoothing Cool Laser Treatment?

The technology has been developed over 40 years from the pioneers of laser Asclepion. It shot to fame as being the go to treatment for the Kardashians treating stretch marks and skin rejuvenation.

The Skin Smoothing Cool Laser helps to develop new collagen and stimulates cell repair, helping to refresh the skin, close pores and lighten pigmentation. Leaving you with glowing refreshed new skin.

See Cool Laser in action

What does the Skin Smoothing Cool Laser result in?

  • Reduced Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Minimised Pores
  • Reduced Dark Circles
  • A More Even Skin Tone
  • Refreshed, More Youthful Skin

What are the results?

Before & After Skin Smoothing Cool Laser treatment

How long do the results last for?

Improvements in the quality of the skin can be seen within a couple of days of the treatment; people often say their skin has a velvet feel and appearance. As new collagen is laid down, the improvement to skin elasticity and tone will develop over 3 months.

Wrinkles that have been treated will be less pronounce after 1 treatment, a course of up to 3 treatments – once every 6 weeks will keep producing new collagen and lead to greater improvement over time. We also recommend having a Collagen wave treatment 2 weeks post Cool Laser to further your results and improve healing to optimise your results.

How much it the treatment?

The cost of the Skin Smoothing Cool Laser treatment is:


Download the Cool Laser Brochure

Download the Cool Laser brochure for more information and before & after images

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