Nourishing Eye Balm



Nourishing eye balm

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Nourishing Eye Balm


A rich texture that melts onto the skin to visibly reduce wrinkles, under eye bags and dark circles (actions in vivo tested on 30 volunteer women aged between 18 and 55 years). Formulated with draining liposomal Escin, for an anti-swelling effect, nano-encapsulated Niacinamide and Tranexamic acid to counteract dark circles, antioxidant Black currant, Moringa oil and Hyaluronic acid. This balm is unique thanks to HomeostatineTM, an active complex of two natural ingredients developed through an innovative technological process. According to in vivo evidence, it stimulates the production of collagen I and III, preventing and reducing wrinkles and increasing skin thickness. Excellent in combination with make-up and especially suitable for dry skin with under eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

  • Actions in vivo tested
  • Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin
  • 96% of naturally derived ingredients
  • Bio ingredients (see ingredients list *)
  • Vegan suitable

Skin Types
For all skin types.

Active ingredients:
HomeostatineTM, dds-tranexamic acid+niacinamide, escin in liposome, hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, black currant, moringa oil, shea butter, squalane, jojoba oil, centella asiatica

How to Use:
Apply the product by gently tapping on the eye contour.