Face cleansing cream



Face cleansing cream




Face-eye cleanser made unique by the presence of soothing and protective Organic elderflowers, designed to remove impurities and make-up residues from any type of skin in a single gesture. Thanks to its special formula, it transforms from cream into lightweight mousse with a massage to gently cleanse your skin while preserving the natural hydrolipidic film. An agreeable sensation of cleanliness and softness for toned and well-nourished skin.

  • Nichel tested,
  • Vegan validate
  • 95% naturally derived ingredients
  • Dermatologically tested

Skin Types:
For all skin types.

Active ingredients:
Organic elderflowers, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, jojoba oils, sweet almond oil

How to use:
Pour the product onto previously moistened hands and apply to face and eyes, in the morning and in the evening, with an energetic massage until an even layer is formed. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water.