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Post-Lockdown Lift

Following our reopening, we’ve created the following skin packages to Lift & Restore your Glow & optimise Skin Health

4 Week Vitality Programme £1250

Treatment Plan

Week 1 (RRP £300)
Collagen Wave. Facial Gym Workout & Vitamin C Infusion.

  • Tightening, Lifting, Brightening & Hydrating

Week 2 (RRP £650)
Hollywood Glow & Laser Eye Tightening.

  • Tightening, Resurfacing, Brightening & Pores + Pigmentation Reduction

Week 3
Allow skin to rest.

Week 4 (RRP £300)
Collagen Wave, Facial Gym Workout & Super Hydrating Eye Treatment.

  • Tightening, Lifting, Soothing & Hydrating

Each session includes complimentary Lifting Light Therapy – saving £360!


  • Brightening & Tightening Under the Eyes
  • Full Face, Neck & Jowl Lifting
  • Hydrated, Flawless, Youthful Looking Skin
  • Makes you Feel Great 😄

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    No one cares more about the way you look & feel than Lisa Harris & her Skin Science team; and with almost 25 years in the world of beauty, Lisa knows exactly what it takes.

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