Lisa explains how her Signature Skin treatments work in the skin

How do Lisa’s 3D & 4D Signature skin treatments work in the skin?

They combine multiple technologies and work on all 3 layers of the skin, resulting in optimum skin tightening and lifting results by regenerating new healthier collagen at all levels.
Using all the energies to activate and stimulate new skin proteins, this restores old cells with new cells to strengthen muscles resulting in more of a lifted youthful contour.

After treatment your skin is noticeably lifted and more contoured, leaving you with younger looking skin! The results are even more noticeable days and months later as the skin continues to improve- results can last up to 1 year.

The treatments are safe & effective on all skin types and is excellent for those who’d wish to slow down the ageing process, as it restores and revitalises all skin cells.

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