Jilly Johnson of the Daily Mail reveals her experience of the Collagen Wave Treatment at Lisa Harris Skin Science.

Jilly writes:

Wave goodbye to droopy jowls

PROBLEM: There’s no point having a bikini body if you’ve got saggy chops. I have no intention of doing a shoot looking as droopy around the edges as one of my Great Danes. My face needs to match my new body.

SOLUTION: The treatments used by Lisa Harris at her clinics in Surrey and London are the reason celebrities can say they haven’t had Botox. She doesn’t believe in injectables, but in stimulating skin to heal itself. I had a radio-frequency treatment called collagen wave, which is used by Amanda Holden. This sends heat waves into the lower layers of the skin, where the collagen instantly contracts. Because it thinks it’s under attack, more plumping collagen and hyaluronic acid are produced. These give skin its elasticity and youthful firmness. This was complemented by a procedure called Skinmed which targets deeper muscles using ultrasound.

RESULT: My husband asked whether I’d had Botox. By Christmas I’ll look 25 again!

Youthful skin in a flash

PROBLEM: Older skin is much dryer and however much make-up one wears, it’s hard to reclaim that fresh radiance of youth. Or so I thought. There’s a solution for everything!

SOLUTION: The final treatment in Lisa Harris’s armoury is Madonna’s favourite. Intraceutical uses a probe to push hyaluronic acid deep into the skin. It was the strangest feeling, like being air-brushed with oxygen.

RESULT: Skin texture is fantastic. Every one of the fine lines on my face have gone and my jowls are lifted sky high. I look radiant. This face is bikini ready.


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