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Introducing the new Mesolux and Radio Frequency


Introducing the new Mesolux and radio frequency

Mesolux generates pulsed electroporation, achieving unprecedented penetration, and the different active ingredients effectively reach the target cells of each treatment.

This technology makes this electroporation device 100 times more potent than other conventional equipment.

Skin filler treatment

Skin Volumizer is a treatment for electroporation of skin filler, with repairing and re-densifying actives of the dermal matrix, which also offers protection against external aggressions.

Facial radiance treatment

Skin Radiance is an electroporation treatment skin repairer for environmental damage and photoaging. Provides repair, protection and radiance to the skin.

Anti-acne treatment for electroporation

Acnicare is a revolutionary product in the field of aesthetic medicine, specifically designed to combat acne using transdermal electroporation.


Depigmenting agent for electroporation

Melawhite is a product designed to lighten skin tone through transdermal electroporation by combining different active ingredients.

Elawhite works on several fronts to achieve clearer, more even skin. It reduces the excessive production of melanin, which is the main cause of dark spots on the skin. It also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase, which plays a key role in melanin synthesis.

Body firming treatment

Skin Firming is an electroporation treatment for body firming with a powerful tightening, dermal matrix repairing, re-epilizing and cellular regenerating effect.

Body reducer for electroporation

It is an advanced body contouring treatment. It produces a lipolytic, draining, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous action, combined with dermal repairers and antioxidant actives.

Hair treatment for electroporation

Hairactive is a product specifically designed for advanced hair care to control hair loss in both men and women effectively.

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