Local Beauty Editor tried & tests the treatment for herself!

So, Just how cool is the Cool Laser Treatment?

The Lisa Harris Skin Science team have recently become the first skin specialists in the UK to offer the brand new Beverly Hills treatment, the original Cool Laser. With its revolutionary short pulse duration, the Cool Laser can deliver clinically significant results on all skin types and across a wide range of conditions without harming the surrounding skin.

A rather nasty bout of chicken pox in my early thirties has left my skin quite scarred; I also have large pores and the sagginess that can sadly appear once you creep over that half century milestone. Overall my skin is a part of me I’m really not proud of and this could be perfect for me. Let’s find out…

Eleanor cleanses my skin and begins my treatment with a Collagen Wave. This is a noninvasive treatment is a painless effective way to achieving long term skin tightening and lifting results, using non-surgical Radio Frequency. This heats deep within the skin to encourage new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to firm and plump the upper layers of the dermis. I found the warmth of the wand very relaxing and could have quite easily fallen asleep.

Now ready for the Cool Laser treatment I’m suddenly apprehensive. Apparently a slight warming sensation is felt, however I’ve done a little research on this and I’ve heard that the slight warming sensation can actually be quite uncomfortable. As Eleanor moves the laser around my face I relax a little, it’s warm and not painful. A cooling collagen mask and oxygen treatment aids immediate comfort after the treatment.

I take a look in the mirror and it’s really not too bad at all, I just look like I’ve spent a day in the sun minus any sunscreen. I leave the clinic armed with hydrating cream that I’m to apply for the next five days to protect and hydrate during the healing process.

Within two or three days my skin is still healing, but I could already see my pores looked smaller and the skin particularly on the apples of my cheeks much smoother. Two weeks later I return to the clinic for another Collagen Wave treatment to optimise skin tightening and hydration. (I’m in love with this treatment it really is so relaxing).

Four weeks on I’m pleased with the improvement in the appearance of my skin and I’m also amazed at the lift around my jawline and under my chin. My lines above my lip line are incredibly deep and they have definitely softened. I’ve even booked another Cool Laser treatment to improve this area further and it will, looking forward to even better results.

Would I recommend the Cool Laser Treatment? Absolutely! It’s a thumbs up from me.


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