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I’ll be honest, I’m not taking ageing well. What the hell happened to my dewy, supple skin and where did this sagging come from? Why is my chin doubling in size and why are my cheeks sinking down my face?

Sadly, it’s part of the natural process they call growing old, and there’s not really much that can be done to stop it – well, anything effective anyway.

So I spoke to the ever-so-lovely Lisa of Lisa Harris Skin Science, who has a clinic in Knightsbridge, to ask how I can stop the clock (for at least a little while). Stepping into her small treatment room next to the ultra-glam Mandarin Oriental hotel, she started by offering a little lesson on why women in their thirties suddenly start to notice their skin is acting differently.

Girls, this is need to know stuff.

Because after the tender age of 25, everything in your body keeping your skin firm and supple starts to slow down until you hit those early thirties, by which time most of the collagen-producing, elastin support is dormant.

And as we start to age into our forties, fifties and sixties, no amount of creams and topical lotions and potions will help lift it back. Once the skin has had enough, it needs something drastic to kick it back into life.

For me, there’s no need for surgery for at least another three decades. So Lisa decided it was time to bring out the big boys and had me lay on the couch for a skin assessment.

Now, given Lisa has 25 years’ experience in the skin science and aesthetics world, and happens to look 25 years old herself, I was more than happy to go with whatever she suggested. Because either she was an extremely intelligent child and mastered skin science at a literal 3 years of age, or she’s passionately invested in the right treatments for the right people, to get the right results.

Although, to her, my cheeks are quite plump, she did notice laxity in my lower face. Basically, it’s starting. Coupled with her diagnosis of rosacea, and knowing I’ve had botox and fillers in the last few months, she worked her magic.

She suggested we try a 90 minute 3D Skinmed Ultrasound treatment. This technology targets the very basal layer of skin, the SMAS. This is what plastic surgeons focus on tightening in traditional surgery.

Ultrasound waves applied to the skin stimulate the SMAS and kick-start the production of collagen, given a tighter, rejuvenated look to jowls and the neck.
It’s one treatment per year and no more, and the effects can be seen after 2-3 months. There are no needles, no knives, and no injections needed.

Settling in for treatment, Lisa warned that the session may leave me feeling a bit achey and if at any time it felt too hot, to let her know.

Well, achey it did leave me. As anyone who’s been punched in the face will know (not me) the session left me feeling like I’d been bopped on the jaw for a good two hours afterwards. During the treatment, the cartridge leaves your skin feeling warm, but it’s absolutely non-painful. Just very odd.

After a good 90 minutes I was done. There wasn’t a wow moment afterwards, no big reveal, as I need to wait another month for that, but as Lisa explained, this treatment is for those who are in it for the long haul.

While facials and needles may give an instant glow, it’s very often superficially short term and courses are needed to see long-lasting results.

3D Skinmed is just once for me, and will work on my own area of concern while I go about my day-to-day life.

So thanks very much to Lisa for her expert analysis and for the treatment (and the lovely candle!). I can’t wait to see the results it brings in the new year.

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