Collagen Wave & Combinations

The No.1 skin tightening treatment and one of only a handful of clinics offering Collagen Wave, a fantastic alternative to Botox and Fillers.


Approx. 45 Minutes


From £150-£250

What is Collagen Wave?

Lisa Harris Skin Science is one of only a handful of clinics offering the exclusive Collagen Wave treatment. Amanda Holden, Kylie Minogue. Jason Gardiner, Lizzie Cundy, Jilly Johnson & Ruth Langsford have all enjoyed and continue to enjoy the exclusive Collagen Wave treatment with Lisa Harris herself.

Collagen Wave is a skin tightening and lifting procedure. It is a consistent performer for achieving healthier, younger skin with long lasting results. Radio Frequency and Ultrasound waves heat up the skin encouraging the production of new collagen, reducing the appearance of wrinkles

For long term results a course is recommended.

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How Collagen Wave works

Collagen Wave results in:

  • Reduced Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Lifted Eye and Eyebrow
  • More Rejuvenated, Healthier Complexion
  • Boosted Skin Hydration
  • Improves Collagen Production
  • Lifts and Tightens Face, Neck and Jowl Area

Boost the results with our new Collagen Wave Combinations

Collagen Wave & Cool Laser Eye Treatment

An even greater result of the Eye area with this exclusive combination. Enjoy a full Collagen Wave Facial followed by the famous Cool Laser – focusing purely on the eye area, to help with dark circles, lines & wrinkles.
£450 per treatment

Collagen Wave & Jowl Lift

Combining Collagen Wave skin tightening Facial followed by muscle stimulation on the lower face to lift the jowl muscle.
£295 per treatment

Collagen Wave & Oxygen

Combining Collagen Wave and a hydrating oxygen face treatment that will dramatically transform your skin to look radiant and fresher instantly, no other skin treatment can offer this, skin looks air brushed, glowing, lifted & firmer.
£370 per treatment

Collagen Wave & Pore + Pigmentation Reduction

Collagen Wave and Clear + Brilliant combined on the same day to produce faster results in Pore and Pigmentation reduction improving the overall skin texture. Skin appears fresher, clearer & firmer, instantly. Courses 3-6 are recommended – Excellent Monthly Maintenance one off treatment.
£450 per treatment

Collagen Wave & Power C+

Combining Collagen Wave and Power C+ energise and firm the skin like never before. Leave feeling plump, lifted with a more unified skin tone & amazing glow.
£370 per treatment

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Before & After Collagen Wave treatment

How long do the results last for?

Improvements in the quality of the skin can be seen within a couple of days of the treatment; clients often say their skin has a velvet feel and a healthy appearance. 

Wrinkles that have been treated will be less pronounced after 1 session however for long lasting results we recommend a course minimum of 6-12 sessions. Results continue to improve with time.

After your initial course top up treatments are recommended.

*Results will vary & will depend upon, but are not limited to – age, genetics, amount of current damage, diet, other lifestyle choices.  Always follow the after treatment guidelines of your practioner.

How much is the Collagen Wave treatment?

The cost of the Collagen Wave treatments depend on your skin therapist and the treatment area.

Prices range from £150-£250

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