This botox alternative will leave your skin feeling super-quenched and positively glowing.

It’s got to that time in my life when I’m seriously considering Botox. Some of my friends swear by it, others wouldn’t go anywhere near it. Until now, I’ve been on the fence and fortunately haven’t really felt the need for it.

Over the past year or so however, a couple of frown lines between my brow have deepened considerably – more than I would expect any wonder cream or serum could help. But before I ventured down the needle route, I’ve set about trying out some alternatives.

Collagen Wave is publicised as ‘a fantastic alternative to Botox and fillers’ and works by using radio frequency and ultrasound waves to heat up the skin, encouraging fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin.

Lisa Harris Skin Science in Weybridge, is one of only a handful of clinics which offer the treatment in the UK and is where celebrities such as Kylie Minogue and Surrey locals Eamonn Holmes & Ruth Langsford have been treated.

All of Lisa’s treatments are bespoke to the client’s needs so while I was booked in to try Collagen Wave specifically, Lisa sat me down for a full consultation to establish exactly what my skin needed.

After explaining my frown line concerns and that my skin was generally lacking lustre, Lisa explained her approach to skin care and revitalisation.

Lisa has been involved in the skin health industry for the last 27 years and her ‘no Botox and no fillers’ approach to treatments sees her and her team of experts seek out the most cutting-edge equipment and techniques to restore natural beauty. “It sounds cliché but beauty does really start from within,” she says. “I always advise my clients to look at what they are putting into their bodies – what they eat and drink – first. Taking care of your gut microbiome is key.”

Lisa’s ethos is to improve the overall skin health and slow down the skin ageing process by increasing the volume within the skin matrix and not by thinning out the skin with chemicals and harmful ingredients.

As we age communication diminishes within the skin, resulting in decreased collagen production and accumulation of degraded elastin fibres. Lisa’s treatments act as a natural trigger to help accelerate newer cells to the surface, allowing the epidermis and dermis to communicate more efficiently, resulting in more cell growth.

My treatment combined multiple technologies to target all three layers of my skin. We began with the Collagen Wave, which essentially feels like a jade or quartz roller being moved across your face only heated thanks to the radio frequency running through, encouraging my fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin.

Then it was time to focus on the contours of my face – particularly under my chin – with HIFU lifting, which uses ultrasound to stimulate the deep supporting layers of the skin, and Electric Muscle Stimulation to tone my facial muscles. This felt a little bit like being gently flicked in the face – annoying but perfectly bearable and worth it for the next stage of the treatment, which involved 15 minutes under a lamp filled with Red & Blue LED bulbs to reenergize my skin cells and reduce inflammation. Lastly, a 25 per cent pure vitamin c oxygen treatment was slathered over my skin to instantly hydrate.

My skin felt like it had been plunged into a fresh lake after hours in the baking sun – super-quenched and positively glowing.

A course of six to eight treatments is recommended to see lasting results but after one session I could definitely see a reduction in the appearance of my deeper frown lines and an overall plumper look and feel to my skin.

Lisa gave me some vitamin c ampules to take away but I also bought a vitamin c-infused moisturiser and hyaluronic moisturising booster to continue feeding hydration and goodness into my skin at home.

And for those who can’t make it to the salon or are affected by tiered restrictions, Lisa has just launched a Surrey-wide treatment drop-off service, which includes a mini facial and hire of the collagen boosting LED used in my treatment.

Collagen Wave treatments start from £250. At home treatments start at £100. 

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