Now a skin expert has claimed Liam Payne’s girlfriend could have had a skin treatment to give her an even more glowing complexion than she already has.

Skin expert Lisa Harris, of Lisa Harris Skin Science in London thinks Cheryl, 34, could have had a Pyramid Facelift treatment to boost her skin tone.

This apparently gives similar results to a facelift but does not involve any form of without the invasive surgery.

It also aims to provide skin tightening and resurfacing in one treatment.

Ms Harris exclusively told Daily Star Online: “Cheryl’s skin is absolutely flawless and line-free.

“This could be achieved with the new Pyramid Facelift loved by lots of other celebrities.

“It’s a non surgical way to firm, smooth and rejuvenate the skin, and acts like a really effective facial.”

The natural Cheryl has never used any filers like Botox though that never stopped her old ex-factor rival Louis Walsh, no stranger to botox himself, from making cheeky claims that the Fight For This Love singer had used filers.

Though Cheryl’s reps soon cleared up Walsh’s claims releasing a statement that ‘No, Cheryl has not had botox.’

Cheryl is known an a role model in the beauty industry, being the face of L’Oreal and has spoken out that women, some in their imid twenties, should not turn to filers.

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