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Transforming Body Packages

Anti-Ageing, Cellulite Reduction & Muscle Toning Courses

All of our body packages include a Detox Inch loss Body Wrap, a body product and a course of either 6 or 12 SlimDrone treatments depending on your desired goals.

Our Detoxing Inch loss Body Wraps help to eliminate the body of stubborn toxins, bloating and water retention which in turn helps the efficacy of your body course.

Our SlimDrone treatment cleverly uses network communication to navigate and target fat cells, dispelling through the lymphatic system – which no other body treatment or product can achieve. Resulting in a reduction of unwanted fat cells whilst improving muscle & skin tone.  All treatments will leave you feeling more  healthier and positive.

SlimDrone offers 3 different programmes that targets; Fat Reduction, Cellulite & Skin Tightening combining the amazing muscle toning programme to improve muscle definition. Did you know you lose 5% of your Muscle Density every 5 years after the age of 21!

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Finance options are now available; achieve the results you’ve always wanted by spreading the cost over monthly repayments, our courses are now more accessible for everyone!

Our packages are Clinically Proven & Client Approved.

Targets these Concerns:

  • Loss in Muscle Tone
  • Loose/Flaccid Skin
  • Weight Loss

The Results:

  • Rebuild & Strengthen Muscle Definition
  • Tightens & Firms Skin
  • Improves Circulation – Skin appears Smoother
  • Firmer Youthful Silhouette

Recommended Frequency:

  • 1 Treatment, 2 times a week – Homecare products are provided.

“The best treatment from the Nose to your Toes! The only treatment I’ve found that tones & tightens my body - it really works!”


Cellulite Reduction Course

Course of 6 £2000
Course of 12 £3,800

3 x Detoxing Inch loss Body Wraps
6 x SlimDrone – Cellulite / Fat Reduction

Helps to dispel the body of Water Retention & Toxins via the lymphatic system reducing the appearance of congested & stubborn Cellulite on any part of the body.

Targets these Concerns:

  • Water Retention/Bloating
  • All grades of Cellulite

The Results:

  • Reduction in Cellulite & Water Retention
  • Improves the appearance of Orange Peel Skin
  • Improves Collagen Production
  • Improves Circulation for a Body Glow
  • Healthier, Firmer looking Silhouette

Recommended Frequency:

  • 1 Treatment, 2 times a week. Alongside daily application of your at home body cream.

Before & After 1 session

Before & After 3 sessions

“I’ve always been embarrassed about my cellulite on my bottom & thighs, now my skin feels firmer & smoother & I’m ready for my bikini!”


Targets these Concerns:

  • Bloating
  • Stubborn Fat
  • Muscle Atrophy
  • Beer Belly

The Results:

  • Reduces Waist line
  • Reduces Water retention & Detoxes the body
  • Strengthens core muscles
  • Slims & Tones the Stomach

Recommended Frequency:

  • 1 Treatment, 2 times per week. Alongside daily application of your at home body cream.
Rebecca Smit Before and then after fifth session BA2 Rebecca Smit Before and then after fifth session BA2

“After pregnancy my stomach has really changed. The therapist & treatment has helped me feel great about my body again!”


Focused Fat Reducer Course


1 x Detoxing Inch loss Body Wrap
1 x HIFU Body
6 x Lipofirm PRO

Achieve a further Fat Reduction with a controlled Thermal effect, working to reduce pockets of Fat for a Firmer Silhouette.

Targets these Concerns:

  • Stubborn Fatty Pockets
  • Front of Thigh & Knee
  • Or Back of Thigh & Outer Thigh
  • Or Stomach & Love Handles
  • Or Arms & Bra Strap Area

The Results:

  • Focused Fat Reduction
  • Increased Collagen & Elastin to tighten skin
  • Slimmer & Smoother contours

Recommended Frequency:

  • 1 Treatment 2x a week, homecare products are provided
  • Click for more information on Slim drone & Body Wraps
Side view of female stomach before slimdrone treatment Side view of female stomach after slimdrone treatment
Before and After pictures of Slim Drone treatment

“My Beer Belly was so stubborn, the clinic has really helped to reduce it- I’ll definitely be back for maintenance treatments”