3D Lipo – Farewell Fat Forever!

An amazingly powerful & effective alternative to liposuction.

Love Handles, Post Pregnancy Pouch, Muffin Tops – ALL GONE!

Treatment details

Why 3D?

3 effects all rolled into one therapy – Fat Loss, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening.

Nothing else offers such an effective solution & a genuine alternative to painful surgical liposuction*.

*Results will vary & will depend upon, but are not limited to – age, genetics, amount of current damage, diet, other lifestyle choices. Always follow the after treatment guidelines of your practitioner.


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3D Lipomed – a powerful & safe alternative to liposuction

3D- lipomed is an upgraded device, following on from success of the 3D-lipo. Now it’s easy to get rid of those love handles, post-pregnancy pouch, or “muffin top” comfortably and safely. The new 3 dimensional approach to fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite reduction. Nothing else offers such a complete and effective solution and a true alternative to surgical lipo-suction.

Ultrasound cavitation – the fat just melts away!

Significant & immediate results.

A powerful Ultrasound Wave bombards fat cells with frequencies that the cell wall cannot withstand and so they rupture! This allows the fat cells to dissolve & which are then flushed away naturally*. 6 to 8 treatments recommended at weekly intervals.

Consultation FREE
Taster Session FREE
Single treatment £170
Course of 6 treatments £840


Cryolipolysis fat freezing – In, out, once is what it’s all about

Effective, Unique & Quick.

A stand out therapy, in that it requires only 1 treatment – yes – just ONE!

Cryolipilysis is a controlled & targeted freezing of fat cells, which causes them to die, but importantly, causes no damage to the surrounding skin; the lymph system then eliminates these cells over the coming weeks & months, giving a natural & progressive fat loss. After just one treatment results will be evident in 2 -6 months*.

Chin £250
Upper or lower Abdomen £290
Upper and Lower Abdomen £440
Love handles £440
Abdomen and love handles £600
Thighs – Outer sides £440
Thighs – Inner sides £440
Thighs – Inner and outer sides £600
Upper arms £440
Upper chest – sides (under arms) £440
Lower & Upper Abdomen and love handles £700

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3D Dermology & Indiba – orange peels away!

Effective, with no surgery required.

Employing a vacuum & rollers to assist fat drainage into the lymphatic system, 3D Dermology is a great stand alone treatment for the ever unwelcome misery of cellulite; but when combined with Indiba RF, results can be spectacular. Indiba is one of the best skin tightening treatments on the market, but has many benefits including skin smoothing, especially after any traumatic incident to the skin such as plastic surgery, as it aids deep dermal recovery and aiding natural elimination of damaged cells with heat & very specific radio frequencies. When used correctly it will also further aid fat reduction*.

Consultation FREE
Taster Session FREE
Single treatment £190

Course of 6 treatments £900