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The Harley Street Journal: Lisa Harris Skin Science

By 24th January 2018Lipofirm

This issue of The Harley Street Journal met Lisa Harris, Director of Lisa Harris Skin Science in Knightsbridge and asks which non-surgical energy-assisted devices she offers her patients.

THSJ: You own and run two successful clinics, one in London and another in Surrey. What makes a successful aesthetics clinic?

LH: Customer Service is paramount, and at Lisa Harris Skin Science we pride ourselves on client care and expectations. We are always honest and use our expert knowledge to give the best advice possible about treatments and products. Most clients know what they want to achieve but are unsure how; we always guide our clients in the correct direction explaining treatments in great depth and allowing time for questions. When you’re confident in the technology you provide clients will be too, therefore trust is built and success is guaranteed.

THSJ:At Lisa Harris Skin Science you have a keen focus on energy-assisted cosmetic treatments. Why is this?

LH: Our focus is purely on aesthetics and offering our clients the safest most effective high-end technology to date which produces results.

THSJ: Yours is the first clinic in Knightsbridge to offer clients treatments with the Lipofirm Pro platform. Is being ahead of the competition with the latest technology important?

LH: It’s always best to stay up-to-date with the times, the latest technology is usually a lot more advanced and results driven than before. Before investing in technology we always test the treatment beforehand to ensure it’s right for the salon and the results are real. It’s not neccessarily about being ahead of the competition it’s about finding the machines that get the best results – like Lipofirm Pro.

THSJ: What makes Lipofirm Pro treatments better than more traditional forms of skin rejuvenation?

LH: The skin is deeply penetrated with technology getting into the dermis and fat cells, which more typical methods have difficulty with or cannot. In my experience radio frequency is the best method for skin tightening and oxygenating the skin, other methods just cannot top this.

THSJ: Why did you invest in the Lipofirm Pro?

LH: Lipofirm Pro is the best technology i’ve seen results wise in my 25+ years in the industry, working on skin tightening, muscle toning and fat reduction all at the same time.

For more information on Lipofirm Pro or to book a treatment at Lisa Harris Skin Science.

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