Special 3D Lipo Cryolipolysis Offers

Why choose 3D Lipo Cryolipolysis?
3D Lipo is the Number 1 safest treatment for Fat Freezing with proven results! It targets large pockets of fat cells to reduce the area by up to 40% smoothing prominent areas without long recovery times or visible marking, performed through a painless, non-invasive procedure.

Fat freezing 2 areas such as:
Love Handles & Upper + Lower Abdomen
Only £300 SAVE £140

Fat freezing 4 areas such as:
Love Handles & Upper + Lower Abdomen
Only £550 SAVE £190

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New Cellulite Course!

Our two brand new cellulite treatments are exactly what you need to banish that dreaded cellulite! Enjoy our NEW 4 week course consisting of 2 Body Sculpt Draining Wraps:
– Breaking-down Fat Cells
– Anti-water Effect
– Draining Toxins

Followed by 2 sessions of Body Contouring DeStock treatment using mesotherapy and a body mask resulting in smooth silky legs:
– Fat Reduction
– Improves Circulation
– Smooth’s Skin

Course now only £350 SAVE £160

To re-enforce the effect we suggest 30 day homecare plan including a Day Cream + Booster and a Night Cream for your body. If you buy this with your course it will bring the total to £450.

Using the course + homecare will break down stubborn fat cells, detox & drain the area resulting in optimum cellulite reduction results!

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Product of the Month

Skeyndor Slimming/Draining Packs

Helping you break down Cellulite for smoother, silky legs in just 30 days so you’ll be ready for the sunshine in no time!

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