New Front of Thigh & Knee Lift

Firm your thighs and lift the skin around the knee, leaving you with toned, tight and silky smooth legs.

Using radio frequency and muscle toning to stimulate collagen within the skin and strengthen the thigh resulting in firmer, more toned thighs with an added knee lift.

Average course of 6-8 weekly sessions is recommended – subject to individual. A body consultation is required before booking. Approximately 40-60 minutes per session.

£180 per weekly session
Course of 6 £972
Course of 8 £1300

Limited availability. Offer ends 30th November 2018.
First session must be booked or course paid for before 30th November 2018.

New 4D Signature Facial

By Lisa Harris

Botox + Fillers cannot compare to our Signature Facials – the closest treatments to a Facelift and unlike Botox & Fillers it is full of anti-aging properties.

Our New 4D Signature Facial exclusive to Lisa Harris Skin Science is clinically proven, client approved and provides real results. The new treatment is designed to encourage abundance of healthier collagen and increases elasticity to improve lines & wrinkles.

Working on all 3 layers of the skin – leaving you with beautifully firm & glowing skin with reduced pores & pigmentation. Our New Facial uses 4 Technologies – including:

Green Detox Mask

Lisa’s new detox mask creation.


Improved skin density, muscle tone & lifts the jowl area, reducing double chin.

Collagen Wave

Produces more youthful skin cells i.e. collagen

Clear + Brilliant with Oxygen

Improves skin tone, reduces pores and pigmentation whilst healing and energizing the skin.

Introductory price ONLY £499 (RRP £650)

For Total Transformation a Course of 3 is recommended. Purchase 3 for £1497 and take home complimentary homecare including full size Skeyndor Tinted SPF worth £44 and lots of samples!

Limited availability

Lipofirm pro just got better!

Lipofirm PRO reduces cellulite, tightens skin and improves muscle tone to achieve a younger looking body . When you purchase your recommended course of 6 sessions you will receive the latest invention in body care – Skeyndor Body Sculpt Oil +Tonic, clinically proven to reduce fat cells whilst you sleep.

How does the Oil + Tonic work?

It stops the Nocturrin, the protein responsible for fat accumulation at night. Reducing the orange peel skin & remodels your body contours whilst you sleep!

Course of 6 special offer price ONLY £972

Includes Skeyndor Body Sculpt Oil & Tonic

Limited availability

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