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OK Magazine Lisa Harris Collagen Wave Review

By 28th November 2016Collagen Wave
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Lisa Harris Collagen Wave Treatment featured in this week’s OK Magazine

Take a look at this week’s OK Magazine to see the hugely popular Collagen Wave treatments reviewed by OK Magazines Fashion & Beauty Director Rosie Underwood. For younger looking skin without the need for Botox, celebs are flocking to Lisa Harris Skin Science Clinics in London & Surrey for a non-invasive, painless Collagen Wave facial & Collagen Wave body treatment – a perfect pre-Christmas treat!

What is Collagen Wave?

Radio Frequency meets Ultrasound like never before, heating deep within the skin to encourage new collagen formation and tightening the upper layers of the dermis. With just 1 treatment, look revived & refreshed for that special occasion, party or film shoot. Varying types of treatment are available, the correct level will be selected at your initial consultation, from C-Wave, C-Wave Ultra Needle, C-Wave MT or C-Wave TCA Peel.

All Collagen Wave treatments are suitable for both men & women, unless stated otherwise. An initial course of 3 to 10 treatments spaced 1 to 4 weeks apart is recommended, the results of which may last up to 2 years*. Thereafter maintenance treatments 4 times a year would yield the best results.



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