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Mancine wax – Love your body…

Wax with confidence, Mancines technologically advanced waxing system gives exceptional results every time. Mancine Wax is scientifically formulated to deliver superior performance using the most advanced wax technology & is 80% less painful than standard waxes, a massive bonus, especially when performing a Brazilian or Hollywood, the “ouch” is less!

All Mancine products are salon tested to be perfectly safe and effective. Mancine believe in organic, natural products and environmentally friendly practices.*

*Please follow your clinicians after care guidelines.

Basic Bikini £16
Basic Bikini & Inner Thigh £30
Brazilian £25-£30
California (thin line left) £35
Chin £10
Eyebrow £15
Full Leg Wax £26
Full Leg & Basic Bikini £30
Full Leg & Underarm £30
Full Leg & Brazilian £41
Full Arm £21
Full Arm & Underarm £26
G-String £16
Half Leg £19

Half Leg & Basic Bikini £28
Half Leg & Brazilian £35
Hollywood (totally bare) £47
Half Arm £11
Half Arm & Underarm £16
Lip £9
Lip and Chin  £15
Stomach Area  £11
Upper Thigh & Bikini  £30
Upper Thigh & Brazilian  £40
Upper Thigh & California  £48
Upper Thigh & Hollywood  £57
Underarm  £10


Waxing is not available for those using Roaccutane or Accutane. It is advisable to refrain from waxing for three months after completing the course of medication.