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BeauBronz founder Abi-O to join forces with Lisa Harris!

By 24th April 2018Venus Viva

BeauBronz founder Abi-O has just announced that she will join forces with the one and only Lisa Harris of Lisa Harris Skin Science. Starting from May, Abi will join Lisa for 3 days a week at her renowned Weybridge clinic. There, she will carry out a number of bespoke skin treatments which include the Collagen Wave, Venus Viva, and Lipofirm Pro.

Lisa Harris Skin Science: Beyond Beauty

Lisa Harris is an industry leader when it comes to skin science. Over the last 25 years, she has built up a trusted brand, garnering international recognition for her signature skin treatments. Lisa’s philosophy is simple: if you want to make fundamental changes to your skin, you will need to invest in professional salon treatments. Lisa’s team see clients at her Weybridge clinic as well as her London clinic in Knightsbridge.

With regular therapy, my team and I will take your skin to a state of perfect health and resilience, ensuring it has the very best chance in the battle against time. You will not look back – or look better!”
– Lisa Harris

With Lisa’s reputation for excellence, it is no wonder that celebrities flock to her for all their skincare needs. Abi-O recently experienced Lisa’s Venus Viva treatment herself – expertly applied by Lisa of course! Sure enough, a day later she found her skin was tighter, more youthful and glowing!

The Treatments

Under the direction of Lisa Harris, Abi-O will be able to offer the following services:

The Collagen Wave facial

The collagen Wave facial is one of Lisa Harris’s most popular treatments and can be combined with other treatments to create a bespoke package just for you. The Collagen wave uses both radio frequency and ultrasound to penetrate down into the deepest layers of skin. Heating these layers of skin will stimulate new collagen while tightening the layers of skin on top. The Collagen Wave treatment is so effective that skin can look refreshed and replenished after just one treatment.

Venus Viva

Venus Viva is one of the most popular skin resurfacing treatments in the skincare market today and unlike many alternatives, Venus Viva treatments come with little downtime and pain. Furthermore, the Venus Viva treatments are suitable for you no matter what your skin tone and produces better results than superficial treatments like dermabrasion or chemical peels.

Lipofirm Pro

Lipofirm Pro uses state of the art technology to deliver noticeable results. The treatment combines Trilipo Radiofrequency with Trilipo Dynamic Muscle Activation technology to stimulate fat removal, lymphatic drainage and skin toning and tightening.